Vallåkraträffen Volvo meet. A big Volvo meet in Europe!

Rebuilt Volvo, and original Volvo

Vallåkraträffen a Volvo Meet in Sweden!

Volvo enthusiasts from all over Northern Europe gather at Vallåkraträffen. We also crown Sweden’s coolest Volvo, which has long been the most prestigious award for many at Vallåkraträffen.

Volvo Clubs

We also have many Volvo clubs represented at the event. If you want to register your Volvo club for the event, you can do so here!

Examples of Clubs that are represented at Vallåkraträffen
Svenska Volvoklubben
Volvo Amazon Klubben
Svenska 480 Klubben
Volvo PV Klubben
Volvo C70 Klubben
Nordic R
Turbo Performance Club, TPC
Volvo C70 Väst
Gen 1 of Sweden
T-Gul owners of Sweden
Volvo Forum Germany

Vintage Car Drive with your Volvo on Saturday!

Lergökarallyt is one of the largest vintage car drive rally in south of Sweden. For those who want to participate in the Lergökarallyt, which is organized in conjunction with Vallåkraträffen and starts in Ängelholm, with the finish line during Vallåkraträffen on Saturday. You can sign up here!. 

Compete with your Volvo in several Volvo classes

At Vallåkraträffen, we have several Volvo classes, both for modified Volvos and for originally restored Volvos. On Sunday, there is judging in our luxury car area ”Show N Shine area.” Register your beautiful Volvo too!


The Coolest Volvo in Sweden!

Sweden’s coolest Volvo has long been the most prestigious prize for many at Vallåkraträffen.

All the winners over the years have showcased builds that have truly left us in awe. This is because Sweden’s coolest Volvo tends to be such extraordinary builds, and we believe that is something that should be celebrated.

Here’s how you can get the chance to participate in Sweden’s Coolest:

You register your car in the competition class to which it belongs. The jury will then select cars from there to be finalists in Sweden’s coolest Volvo. These finalists will then park their cars in front of the stage. The jury, along with car builders and visitors, will vote to determine the 1-3 winners.

Rules for Sweden’s Coolest Volvo:

The car must have an engine and chassis/body from Volvo and must be drivable. You can only win with the same car once or if there has been a significant change after modification.

Prizes for Sweden’s Coolest Volvo:

1-3 prizes win a trophy and a feature in the magazine Bilsport.


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